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The Replay component of MSFOC will be comprised of a separate curriculum path that will be created and led by Terry Leyden, current Big XII Replay Official and 2-time National Championship official [Referee & Replay Official].

Additionally, Randy Campbell, former NFL Replay Official & current Big Sky & RMAC Coordinator, will be featured in these sessions.

We are extremely excited to share that DVSport will be setup and included as a significant component for our training & development.

This curriculum will be classroom-focused with an emphasis on the Replay Communicator position. Campers in the Replay pathway will attend all General Sessions and then join Replay-specific breakouts throughout camp. All Replay breakout sessions will include role playing of FCS and FBS plays from the 2023 season.

On Saturday, in lieu of traveling to the stadiums with the other campers, our Replay classrooms will feature full-day, in-depth sessions devoted entirely to the Replay component of college football.

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